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Are you a small group that wants to enjoy improving the game of golf or are you new to the game and want to learn together with a friend or friends. Come see me. 


I am improving my knowledge about golf teaching regularly and am able to teach you everything there is to know about the golf swing, short game, long game etc. 


Of course I also offer Private lessons for 1 or 2 people. 

Anything from putting, chipping, bunker play, long game and more. 



on the course

To improve or even exceed your golfing goals, it is vital to play on the course. There you improve your strength, technique, tactics and confidence.

Apart from technique, Warm-up, Course management, Pre shot routine and an optimal mental approach are cornerstones of a solid round of golf.

I practice and play at least twice a week, instead of only hitting balls on the range.

According to studies, with an improved technique and a better course management it is possible to lower your score by 6 strokes per round. 

If you want to play a round with me, just to see how a good player approaches the game, you are always welcome to join me!



I will be creating winter packages this season, perhaps on my own or with a colleague. Keep looking out for changes regarding winter camps. 

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